at The Drum Intercultural Arts Centre, Birmingham, 1-3 July 2015
Registration now open
Conference fee is now slightly lower than previously announced – £220 with concessions for students, the retired and unwaged. Daily rates are also available

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Presenters must register on-line by Friday 22 May 2015 , or the conference committee will be unable to include their papers in the final programme. Non-presenting delegates should register by 13th June 2015.
Accommodation must be booked separately.

Bridget Jones Award winner is Kishan Munroe

Kishan Munroe

Kishan Munroe

Kishan Munroe is a Bahamian Visual Artist. Recently he was asked, in The Nassau Guardian’s Arts & Culture’s 20 Questions, what he considered to be the artist’s role in society.

“The artist’s role in society is to, at times, represent the reality of their landscapes (social, political, spiritual etc), to act as catalysts to change those environments by addressing pertinent issues, to create other worlds, to escape these realities, to spiritually heal the broken and downtrodden, to awaken the latent consciousness of the people and to help thrust them into the future.”